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Greetings fron London, UK.

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Greetings fron London, UK.

Very impressed with the site so far. Lots of useful content & much knowledge shared in the forums.

I'm an Occupational Therapist in London and I've been baking for a few months, turning out pretty good sourdoughs and multi-grain malted loaves, also some attempts at English muffins, crumpets, soda bread, chapatis and Pumpernickel.

Thanks for all the info and advice. Just one suggestion for improvement:editing posts isn't easy on iPad 1 (Safari); I can't reposition the cursor or select text.


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Welcome to TFL, Anomalous,

Yes, TFL is a deep resource for bread making.  It's all here.  And yes, the forum software Floyd uses for TFL is not very iOS friendly.  I'm typing this on an iPad1 but with a keyboard stolen from an iMac and I can use the arrow keys to move the (invisible) cursor pretty easily.  Importantly, the cursor and text selectability shows up in the editing window if you "Preview" a post you've drafted in the primary post-drafting window, for me at least.  For longer posts, it's probably best to just use a proper computer, or draft them in a text editor such as PlainText and paste them in, if you're stuck with the iPad.

So what is(are) a(some) good artisanal boulangeries in London?  We will be there in May, stopping off at the Chelsea Flowerr Show on our way (from the US) to visit my wife's family in the Channel Islands.  We always hit Harrod's for scones, but there must be some great bread elsewhere in that great city.



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When I tried to reply, it triggered the spam filter, perhaps because I included a lot of links. I'll try again without them, and you can probably find the links via google.

We've got some decent loaves over here. I recently had a really good, tangy sourdough from the bread stall at Portobello Market (about the middle of the market, opposite the Electric Cinema) and I believe they get their loaves from Flour Power City [link removed].

If you do venture to the Portobello Road area and you like a bit of patisserie, pop into the Lisboa Patisserie for one of their pastel de nata. It's the best I've ever had: perfectly crisp and flaky and with delicious custard filling.

I've signed up for a one-day baking course with and my sister says their stuff is excellent but I haven't been over there yet. 

If you like your bread German-style, there's a bakery on King Street in Hammersmith called Bäkehaus [link removed].

You can find lots more real bakeries listed at the real bread campaign: [link removed].

If you can fit it in, it's worth visiting the foodie heaven of Borough Market, where you can find a varying range of bakers and their tasty wares: [link removed].

There's lots of rubbish here too. The BBC recently reported that bread is Britain's most wasted food [link removed] and I suspect that's because there's a subconscious realisation that most of the stuff that comes out of the supermarkets is fit for nothing but the bin.

Have a great visit!

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Welcome, Anomalous!

I just tagged your account so you'll no longer have to deal with the spam filter.

Content editing on iPads or other mobile devices is, indeed, pretty poor.  I'm hoping to do a site software upgrade this summer that should make the mobile experience -- both viewing content and creating it -- much much better.  So stay tuned.

Take care,


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Thanks Floyd! 

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from another Londoner (well, during the week anyway)

Sounds like you are baking pretty well - why not showcase your breads on teh Baker Blogs?


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I finally got round to following your advice!