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Sourdough NK #3

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April 23, 2007 - 10:34pm -- redivyfarm

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Submitted by bluezebra on

xma is totally right! This bread is a beauty! Looks like something out of a magazine!

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Submitted by xma on

Thank you, Paddyscake, for the link.  I might try it someday, when I feel like something like it.  The dutch crunch bread reminds me of the Mexican bun that's popular in Southeast  Asia, although it's often referred to with quite a number of deviations of 'roti' that it was quite difficult looking for a recipe. But if anyone's interested, here it is:

Also, after posting my comment yesterday, I found out theres's another page on this website about redivyfarm's bread, and I had to laugh  at myself.  Anyway, in the interest of keeping everything together, that page