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Raisin Concentrate

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Raisin Concentrate

Does anyone know where I can buy raisin concentrate in small quantities, quarts or gallons? website doesn't work anymore.

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Amber Elliott

What do you do with it? As a sweetener?


Bernard Jensen Grape Concentrate - 16 oz

$9 online

Concord Grape Concentrate 16 fl oz Liquid - Bernard Jensen's Concord Grape Concentrate is a 100% pure grape concentrate formula. This delicious formula can be used in teas and other beverages as an added flavoring and sweetener.

 World Organics Ultra-B Liquid 8 oz $9.08


Both sold online -



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I am no expert but I would think that "Raisin Concentrate" is different from "Grape Concentrate"

 Grape Concentrate is made from concord grapes picked at their peak and crushed to release nutrients found in the seeds, skin and pulp. (from:

 Raisin juice concentrate is a pure extract of raisins. lt is prepared by leaching the raisins with water in several stages to produce “raisin juice.”  (from:


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Mini Oven

My homemaker mind thinks one tablespoon as a small quantity.  Lol   :)

What would happen if raisins were turned into liquid or paste in a processor?  That way you get all that wonderful healthy fiber!