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Help!!! Need Italian sweets recipe...

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Help!!! Need Italian sweets recipe...

My Mom's 65th Birthday is coming up on EASTER SUNDAY!!!  My family and I just moved back from living in Italy for 5 years and I want to make her something special!!!  Already going to try something like pannetone, but if y'all have any suggestions or recipes, PLEASE let me know!!!  Thanks bunches!!!  -B

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In the theme of easter how about colomba pasquale.

Torrone aka nougat.

Panna cotta.


Italian style pastry cream (egg yolks only, vanilla and lemon zest). You could then use this for many things!

I might update later with more...


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I saw a great recipe for an Easter Bread that had died eggs sitting in the braids... sounded like a fun thing to try.

I am going to make it for Easter. 


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Such great suggestions!!!  Thanks y'all!!!  I was debating on a tart of some kind, as well, but was really looking for something more Cake-ish... That's why I was going to do Pannetone or Colomba Pasquale... Any ideas, let me know!!!  I would LOVE to do individual Panna Cotta, but I don't think I can do 25-30 of them with a 2 yo potty training, 6 mo teething, and 12 wk/o puppy potty training and teething... my hair might be completely pulled out by the day of celebration LOLOL

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You can safely leave alone  all the others, except maybe this one (less buttery and easier to knead, but surprisingly equally tasty).