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(Partial) Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns!

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(Partial) Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns!

How bout some hamburger buns?!

I made these on Friday night on a special request from AJ. Actually, it went more long the lines of "I want hamburgers on Friday. You can make buns, can't you?" Of course I can, honey! I actually love when he makes requests. It makes it easier for me to find things to cook. Not that I can't find anything... I just find too many things and can't decide on what to make! So requests are always more than welcome. As far as the buns go, my eventual goal is to create a 100% whole wheat recipe that still maintains a fluffy, light texture. But this being my first time making buns, I thought I'd start out a bit less ambitious. These are about 1/3 whole wheat, and incredibly good. They really made the burgers. AJ won't settle for regular store-bought buns anymore, and I'm glad to agree!

Please click over to my blog at for the full post and recipe!