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A Big Loaf

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A Big Loaf

Because of competing, food related commitments I chose to merely replace my refrigerated starter this weekend, in lieu of both replacing and baking. However, returning home from the home brewing club meeting last night, and having replaced my saved starter, I had some good looking ripe levain left over. Reluctant to throw it out, I refreshed it, and went to bed with no clear plan what to bake today, but a head-full of ideas, and yet another competing food chore too. I've planned to smoke some baby-back ribs, turkey legs, and pastrami Monday--the meat cure finished yesterday-- which makes Sunday "get-ready" day. First things first, I put the rub on the ribs, began brining the turkey legs, exposed the pastrami cure to air---the smoke adhere better--and prepared its coriander/black pepper rub.

While doing these chores, I decided to bake: A Big Loaf.

I had 500g of 100% hydrated ripe levain, so I made 1750g of 70% hydrated dough, with a mixture of 60% whole wheat flour, 30% bread flour (25% in the levain), and 10% whole rye flour; I baked it all as one Big Loaf.  I don't know if the result qualifies as a miche, but it sure looks like one; and since "miche" translates to simply "loaf", I guess it does.  Sorry, no crumb shot. I'll freeze this behemoth and refresh it for our next neighborhood pot-luck.

David G



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ananda kind of bread, David.

Enjoy it and let us know what it tastes like when you cut into it.

Best wishes


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Looks great! All that cooking sounds great too!


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sounds great in a large miche-style loaf!  Do you notice any flavor improvement that seems due to the large size?

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Hi, Flour Child,

I've frozen the loaf, waiting for our next neighborhood potluck.

I routinely add 10% whole rye to my sourdough breads, regardless of the ratio of other flours. It seems to add a "crispness" to the flavor profile, not discernable when it's left out; yet it isn't a rye flavor.

David G