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Greetings from MI!

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Greetings from MI!

Hello, and thanks to all the talented and knowledgable bakers on this site for everything you contribute! I have been lurking about for quite sometime, content to soak it all in, but was finally pushed to join when I saw this beautiful post from txfarmer - i couldn't stand it any more and had to tell her how beautiful her breads are :)

Anyhow, I am in MI and over the past year have been learning the joys of sourdough, and thanks laregly to this site and the resources it has guided me too, I am definitely improving my skills.  I look forward to learning more - and trying my hand at some laminated breads one of these days soon!

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Always nice to see fellow Michiganians here.

I'm in the north woods, where we're still digging out from our 15+" snowstorm last weekend.  Thankfully, it's melting fast now.  

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Jeez, and in my part of Michigan, my new bakery opened yesterday in Lansing to lovely weather!

Michigan...last week it was 20 and snow, then by the end 60 and sun. Love it!

Welcome aboard as well :)

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Hi Arlo

Somewhere along the way I seemed to have missed on learning that you are at a new bakery. Congratulations. I'm sure it's very busy for you right now, but when you have a chance do let us know how things are going. And the studies?

With apologies for the threadjack, Welcome along abbyslp!


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Thank you all for the welcome.  I am in Midland and we are having weather much more similar to Arlo's - this has been a truly strange winter. We have only been here about a year and a half, relocated from the Houston, TX area, so winter is a new thing in general.  No worries about a thread jack, I want to know more about Arlo's new bakery, too.  Lansing is on our list of places to visit on day trips when my kids are on spring break in a few weeks - maybe we'll be able to indulge :)


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tn gabe

Missed it this year, but hopefully I'll be up in MI next Feb for the annual MI Brewer's Guild Event. Liquid bread is well represented up there (maybe it's the winters?).

Be careful with the laminated dough. I found learning to make laminated dough a compulsion with some negative effects on my health and how my pants fit!

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I will have to be careful, you are right.  I made croissants a couple of years ago, with relative success for a novice, but realized at the time such pursuits could be dangerous.  Carb addict that I am, I am having a hard enough time with the wonderful sourdoughs that are starting to emerge from my oven.  Still...those cranberry studded danishes are calling to me :)

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We're practically neighbors.  I am in Clare and my wife works in Midland.  I have been home-baking for 15 yrs. or so and lately have been doing some breadwork @ our local Bakery (Clare City Bakery)  Contact me sometime and I'll arrange some time using the big toys @ the bakery.



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What a wonderful invitation, and I would love to take you up on it sometime - it would be lovely just to get a chance to see how everything is done in the bakery.  I currently have 2 little ones home with me most of the time, but they will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and I might have a better chance of getting there once that happens :)