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I am new to this forum, but hoping to use it a lot!

I have a Sinbo 4705 machine - unfortunately all the manuals are in Turkish and Sinbo do not respond to any emails or calls. Therefore I have 2 questions!

1) Does any one have a SInbo 4705 user manual?

2) Do all bread recipes work for all makes of bread macine or do they vary depending on the make of machine? (if they all work, then I will not need the user manaul :) )

Thank you for any help

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Have you tried using Google translation?

On the other hand, I like the notion that there's as much difference between bread machine as between two different mixing bowl/spoon combinations.


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The difference I see in bread machines is loaf size. Usually they produce a one and a half pound loaf, yet some can go larger or smaller.