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Used mixers

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Used mixers

I have to laugh. Been doing ebay and craigslist searches looking for a Hobart. Laughing because a minimum of say 75% shown in photos look to be stored in home garages, the back of panel trucks, the back yard, along side gas cans at times. It's like there is a Hobart wasteland out there. I can't figure it out, but it's funny.

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Pioneer Foodie

And yet strangely, everybody wants top retail out of their derelict machines.

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Faith in Virginia

What size mixer are you looking for?  I picked up a nice 30 qt Univex for a good price.

I've seen some real junk go for big bucks.  Tonight I watched aa auction where three new in box scales sold for $75, $80, $95  but if you did a quick google search you could find the same scale for $50 new in the box.  People go crazy at auctions.

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I used it occasionally when I had a little bakery cafe. More often I used the KA & Magic Mill on my counter. I bought it used but it has a beautiful hum when it's working, and did a fabulous job with mixing bagel dough. I'm on the west coast of Florida. If you're interested let me know.