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KA Flours in Singapore!

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lih tyng hu

KA Flours in Singapore!

Guess what, I saw some KA Flours in Singapore!  You can buy KA Whole Wheat, Premium Whole Wheat, White Whole Wheat, All Purpose and Bread Flours at Paragon Shopping Centre Basement 1, Paragon Market Place.  I am so excited as I have read so much compliments about KA Flours.  Now I can experience it first hand. 

Anyway, they are by no means cheap.  A 5 lb bag (2.2kg) cost more than SGD$9 (US$7).  So you have to be mentally prepared for that.

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I calculate the price to be roughly 50% more per kg than locally milled, bleached flours such as Prima. A bit rich for my pocket, but I'm sure I'll try at least one bag out of sheer curiousity!