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Anyone looking for a Baparoma Steam Baker?

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Anyone looking for a Baparoma Steam Baker?

I have a new, unused Baparoma Steam Baking Master pan that is still wrapped in the original shrink-wrap (never opened).  The recipe and use and care cards are wrapped and unopened.  The instruction book is included.  I am asking $60 and buyer pays shipping.  It is about 5 lbs to ship.  They are hard to find and this one is mint.


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Dear Dmlfl1,

Can you send a picture?  What are the dimensions?



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To: Bigcrusty

Did you receive my reply about the dimensions?  I am new on this site and hope my communications are posting.



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Hi I am interested.  Can you provide payment options?  I am also new at this.


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I already have 2 of these pans, one with three pieces and one with five pieces.  What I really nead is a recipe manual.  I have the manual that has the bread recipes, but I don't have any recipes using the five piece pan.  If yours has a manual, I'd be willing to pay you to make a copy of it for me.  Is that a possibility?  You can reach me at

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Did you sell the Steam Baker yet? 

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Yes, it has been sold.  Thanks for the inquiry.  Check some auction sites and you may find one.