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Sam Fromartz article on Mike 'the Bejkr' Zakowski

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Sam Fromartz article on Mike 'the Bejkr' Zakowski

I found a great article by TFL member Sam Fromartz the other day on Mike 'the Bejkr' Zakowski and wanted to share it on the forum for anyone who may not have seen it.  Phil- 'PiPs' recently posted a fascinating video of Mike and his home shop here .  Sam's article goes a little further still with Mikes baking background and his training for the upcoming  Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris. You might  want to check out Sam's Chews Wise blog as well for lots of good info on baking & food related topics.


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Hi Franko,

Thank you for posting more on this great baker as the Coupe plays out.

What a baker to be representing Team USA

Best wishes


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Third place, Taiwan
Second place, USA
First place, Japan

Jeffrey Hamelman from KA wrote a mini-blog for the past few days -- five entries detailing his time in Paris. He did some visiting that all of us would like to do. Start at page one if you want to do it in chronological order (certainly not necessary, and links to all the other pages are on the first page):