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Whole Wheat Bread Flour?

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Whole Wheat Bread Flour?

I have several recipies that I would like to make, but they specify whole wheat bread flour.  As I am having trouble locating such a thing and really don't have room in my pantry for more flours, what would be my best bet for a substitution? Adding vital wheat gluten, perhaps, and additional liquid? 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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If you share what breads, we might be able to recommend a substitute. For my whole wheat recipes, I use whole wheat all purpose. 

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I can't recall seeing anything labeled as such here in the KC area.  Whole wheat pastry flour, yes, but not whole wheat bread flour.  So, I just pick up a whole wheat flour.  There are some, I know, that have significantly higher protein levels than others.  Wheat Montana brand would be one such.  Unless the protein contents of whole wheat flours in your stores are less than 10%, you probably won't have any problems with them.