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Cook day before and finish mext day?

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Cook day before and finish mext day?

Has anyone made bread the day before (not using bread machine), and cook until it is solid (not golden yet).  Then cook next day until golden?

I am cooking a pork roast for dinner and want to put it in the oven until it rests.

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I have never done it but, it is my understanding, that is how the grocery stores offer "Fresh Baked". A company bakes the loaf 80% of the way then freezes them, ships them to the grocery store and then they are finished at the store level. So, I don't see why this couldn't be done at home.



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mis2 - not a problem at all

gluten sets at about 166 f so bake until internal temp reaches that number

 cool the loaf and then:

freeze or.. if you are baking the next day,  place in plastic bag, leave it out and finish baking the next day.

I would spray or rub the loaf with a bit of water the next day so it recrisps the crust.

You will have some moisture loss with the par bake but it should be fine.



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Thanks for the useful info, henry!  I'm going to have to remember this!

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I decided to wait until today to do it.  Thanks for all the tips!