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Inexpensive Baskets

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Inexpensive Baskets

Just a note to everyone, I know a lot of us look for less expensive baskets for bread proofing, so I thought I'd send along this tip. Right now with Easter coming up there are really inexpensive wicker baskets all over the place. I stopped at Walgreens yesterday and picked up a few that were the perfect size for 99 cents each. So everyone check the Easter Basket section of their local stores and after Easter all of the leftovers will be 50% off or more.



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Thanks for passing it along.


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For those living in Europe, this German webshop is a great source for quality German made baskets at very competitive prices. I ordered from them and received my goods within two days (I live in the Netherlands).


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thomaschacon (not verified)

I'm going to order the 1kg couronne and have them ship it across the pond.

Thanks, Juergen.

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You're welcome :-)