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Cheap bennetons in Toronto

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Cheap bennetons in Toronto

I've been wanting a benneton for a while, but haven't been looking forward to paying $15 + shipping for what is essentially a basket. Today I picked up some linen at an art shop for a couche and then wandered into my favourite place on Spadina Ave, Tap Phong, a restaurant supply store. While the clerks there tend to look through me like I'm invisible, the product selection is definitely fun to explore on a quiet day.

Anyhow, I wandered hopelessly through the basket aisle for the nth time, and to my delight discovered this:

$2.99! I thought it was a pricing mistake, but the clerk rang me up using a UPC code which correctly displayed $2.99. I could only find round bennetons, but at this price I really couldn't complain. Run, fellow bakers, run and grab some!

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Wow!   Great deal.

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ship?  I wonder if they have a website where you can order.  I just purchased a couple on ebay they were from china, not too bad, I paid $29.00 including shipping fr 2 oval 9 inch.  But $2.99 is more like it, its only wicker, I guess they have gotten popular and the demand is big, price goes up, kinda like electric cars when gasoline prices keep climbing.

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I believe they do but the price might be high (I thought I saw te announcement about $20). This is their website:

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What kept you from buying up the lot of them and selling them on eBay for $9.99 plus shipping?  or $5.99 for TFL members :-)

They look fairly sturdy and high quality too.  You have the buy of the week I think.  Happy Baking indeed.

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Hah! I really should make a buck for college.. I should bring a Chinese friend along next time with me and have them ask where they get these so cheap from. 

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I think these are either made in Thailand or China.  I bought two, an oval and a round one. from the Sunday Market in Bangkok when I was there in 2009 but they were no longer available when I went again in Oct, 2011. They were selling  for approx the same price at the time.