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Sweet supper rolls

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crazy baker

Sweet supper rolls

I have been trying for YEARS to find the perfect supper roll recipe that does NOT call for a bread machine. Call me crazy but I really like feeling the dough between my fingers. However all the recpies I find all call for that darm machine and I am itching to try something new. Can anyone help me out? PLEASE

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to the "Highest Rated Stories" section, you'll see an entry labeled Buttermilk Cluster.  Lots of people seem to enjoy those.

Or, you could use the Search tool at the upper left corner of the page and type in rolls as your search term.  You'll find lots of variety there, too.


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Our family loves the Cafeteria Lady roll recipe from this site- if you want a fuffy yeast roll!


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Aussie Pete

Hi Crazy,

Why not just hand knead the recipe you have instead of using the machine. 

There is no law saying you can't!!........Pete I will not call you crazy........a lot of people find kneading bread dough quite relaxing and enjoyable.