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Hello From Southern Maine

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Hello From Southern Maine

Hi there. I decided that I need to discuss and figure out new things about my new hobby. It all started innocently enough. I had been making the dough for pizza for awhile now, a job that my wife used to do, but that I had taken on when I started getting home from work earlier than her. Then it progressed to one Sunday that I made a big pot of chili and my wife didn't have the time to make a loaf of homemade bread. I thought that I'd try it but never expected much success. I never thought that bread making was going to be within my realm of abilities though I can follow a recipe and have liked to cook for along time. I was instantly impressed by myself and realized how easy it was. After that I decided to try new kinds of bread and have experimented with French breads, challah, potato breads and more.

There's something so simple, but old and complex about it that just impresses me. Plus, it goes hand in hand with another love of mine, homebrewing. Looking forward to sharing photos and learning new skills!

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Welcome to the site and you will undoubtedly find much here of value.


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Welcome! I am from New Hampshire. Bread is a great pasttime for the cold months in New England.