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ITJB Vienna Bread

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ITJB Vienna Bread

Yesterday I made the subject bread for the first time (well, the first recipe from this book, which I heartily recommend). Overall, it was a tremendous hit for me. It was the first bread that actually came out as advertised. It had a nice soft, fluffy texture. That was a first for me! The taste is great, and look forward to some sandwiches with it. A few things that did disconcert me as I was making it. First, the bulk ferment took nearly twice as long as the book suggests. That's probably more of a function of my home temperature than anything else. When I separated the dough in two and placed them in the pans it never rose to the level of the top of the loaf pans (I even warmed the oven a bit for this). I didn't want to toss the dough so I dutifully sliced the top and baked. A miracle, it rose to full height during the baking process and produced two wonderful, tasty loaves. I had 9 1/2 inch loaf pans originally, so I purchased a few 8 1/2 inch loaf pans and used those for the first time. I suspect the larger pans were the cause of a few problems I have experienced in the past. Anyway, it's up, up and away for me. Stan, I look forward to doing more recipes. My partner is Jewish so she has her eye on several recipes she wants me to try.

Wish I could figure out how to post pics here so I can show my work. I followed the directions but still doesn't work for me.


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wayne on FLUKE

This comment helped someone recently. Also see the follow up comment, maybe you have the same issue?


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Nothing motivates like success (and nothing is more satisfying than hearing about an error free recipe!!!!)


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I've  made this a couple times and it's  very tasty so that reminds me, in a loaf or two, time to cycle it back in again! 

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Sorry, I'm a bit slow today perhaps.  What is ITJB?

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Inside the Jewish Bakery ;)