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I love this place!  I'm a sourdough novice from southeastern Michigan.  A Buckeye, Scotsman and Hawaiian-born(remember Pearl Harbor?  My Dad was there.)

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Some notes of advice about using this website:  1.) Practice, practice, practice and then tell us what happens, successes and failures.  2.)  Read this website regularly.  3.)  See the videos as soon as possible.  Then go back to them when you think you're doing something new for which there's a videos relevant to it.  4.)  Use the search function when you've got a question before you ask it.  Most questions have been asked multiple times so the answers will be available to you more quickly than by asking them on the site.  5.)  Consider buying a bread baking text book rather than cook book.  Texts help you build your foundation of knowledge from the ground up.  Cook books have no such obligation.  Two useful texts these:  DiMuzio's Bread Baking and this website's Handbook.  Both of these are cheap.  Buy more complicated texts (Hamelman's, for example) only after you've made your way through the first two.  6.)  Because learning is different for each of us, consider also adding to how you learn a lot of methods.  Some people learn better with hands-on experience.  Either find a mentor locally (using this website can do that for you; just tell us where you live and ask) or take a class or two at a serious cooking school.



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Welcome, daveink.  Always nice to have some more Hawaiian Scots around.