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Baguette - Having little problem making it... Wants to know what I did wrong

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Baguette - Having little problem making it... Wants to know what I did wrong

Im having a little problems with making baguette so I was just wondering If you guys could see what I did wrong. Here is what I did:

                  This is a baguette I just make it smaller and cut it long way. This is b/c it is similar to the asain baguette not the french baguette that is long and you cut differently!!!!

           ingredient:  3 1/2 cups flour

                                1/4 oz of yeast

                                1 1/2 cup of water

                                1 tablespoon of sugar

                                 1 teaspoon of salt

 First I mixed the yeast into the water for 2 to 3 min. Place the flour, sugar,salt into a bowl. Add the yeast + water into the bowl. Start knead for 7-10min. Cover it up for 45min. Takes it out fold and roll. Cover another 45min, then fold and roll. Cover it another 30min. Takes it out fold and roll. Lets it relax for 10min then start dividing it into little pieces. Another 10min to relax, then start to shaping it. After that I cover it up for 45min and then start cooking it. During cooking I spray water. 

The baguette tasted fine but it comes out flat. Im not sure if I lets it rise too much? Or is it because of too much water? Or im not shaping it tight enough? Any respond would be great help. Here are the picture of how it looks:




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Did you mention baking temps, convection, non convection. should be up around 450 deg internal temp around 200-210 deg when done

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Do you have access to Reinharts BBA? His baguette recipe is pretty solid. His dough may not be the best, as compared to some other people's tastes, but the technique he goes through for home cooking is pretty consistant and reliable. 

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I don't but ill check it out! Thank for all the reply!