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My new favorite pizza dough!

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My new favorite pizza dough!

I've searched long and hard for my favorite pizza dough, and I've finally found it! It can all be done in one day (I have trouble planning two or three days ahead), has a great complex flavor, can be frozen for later use, and makes the most wonderful crust. It is crunchy and crisp on the outside, but wonderfully fluffy inside. 

Click over to my blog, , to check it out!

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We love pizza night here as well.


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That is a very high amount of semolina. Is the dough crispy and very chewy? 

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The outside, especially the bottom (though I attribute much of that to my stone - it's the best one i've ever had) is nice and crisp, but not overly so. The inside is chewy. It isn't one of the super holey crusts, but it has a bit more structure and strength. It holds up to a TON of toppings, which I know is not the best thing to do to a pizza but always seem to happen in this house! I also think the flavor is better after freezing it for a few days. Not anything to do with the freezing, but it sat out for a good 5 hours before shaping, and I think the flavor improved a bit in that time window. 

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This is a great recipe! But the link to your blog no longer works! Could you repost the recipe here or provide a working link? I'm dying here!

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Here is a recipie : go ckeck it it is very easy to make a tomato facaccia bread