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Favorite Sourdough

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Favorite Sourdough

Hello everyone!

Now that my starter is nice and vigorous I'm wanting to experiment with a variety of different breads.  So my question for all of you is, what's your favorite sourdough that you've made?

Also, on a side note: Are there any members of TFL in Georgia? Specifically the CSRA area, I'd love to connect with some local bread bakers :)

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wayne on FLUKE

I suggest you start with Teresa's  Basic White Sourdough using 100% Hydration Starter

I usually bake it in a Romertopf clay baker and slice for sandwiches.

Once you have that mastered move on to David's San Joaquin Sourdough and whatever suits your fancy.


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I live in Georgia but do not know what CSRA Area is.  Can you explain.  I'm originally from NYS

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Central Savannah River Area(Augusta, GA and surrounding area).

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I like Dan Lepard's Mill Loaf. It's not difficult to make and is delicious; a big return of flavour for the little effort it takes.

This blogger has set out the recipe here but halve the quantities if you only want to make one loaf.

I'd get his book The Handmade Loaf (its UK title, may be different in the US) as it's got some cracking breads in it, sourdough or otherwise.

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Thanks! We eat a lot of bread here so the two is probably perfect.

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for letting me know what CSRA means.  I live outside of Athens, GA

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I like Nancy Silverton's basic white country loaf. The recipe is in her book The Bread from the La Brea Bakery. Every time I've made it for others, it's gotten rave reviews.

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David Snyder's Pugliese Capriccioso latest version very much.  I did add a little rye and WW to it if I remember correctly.  It is proofed and baked upside down with no slash. I also like his San Joaquin and Country Sourdough too.  Brother Glenn Snyder's Country SD is also very good and, to break the family Snyder list, Pierre Nury's Rustic Country Sourdough is good too. I have to admit putting a little more rye, WW, spelt or  (not much maybe 50 g per loaf) into all of them for personal taste and a deeper SD flavor.