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Pita Bread

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Pita Bread


Few days ago, I was thinking what to do next day for lunch. I opened the fridge and found a pound of chicken breast fillet. On shelf has gyros spice in a small bottle. Hoorray! I do gyros. And pita bread of course. :)

Well, here is my pita bread.

UPDATE! Method is added.



Components of the dough for 4 pieces
200 grams of flour
0.75 teaspoon of yeast and salt
0.5 spoon of honey or sugar
0.5 cup of water (+0.25 cups if need it)
1 spoon of olive oil



Mix all components in a bowl and knead it. Rest the dough for 90 minutes. Then cut to four equal parts, shape a small ball and cover with kitchentowels. When balls rieses doubled, roll them out and put hot baking tray and bake for 5-8 minutes in 250°C.

Pita not be reversed on baking tray. If pita's top goes to brown than pita is ready.




Pita wasn't enough because of my two friends visited me and they also wanted eat gyros. :)




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You have to make sure you make enough Gyro fillings for all of us when you post next time  :).

Your Pitas look like they came out great.  Would love to see them stuffed with gyro meat and condiments.


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Whenever there is homemade bread around friends seem to come out of the woodwork!  

Glad you had enough for you!  They look wonderful and I bet were delicious with the gyros and chicken.


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They look fantastic, I've never made pita bread before. Is there any chance you would be able to explain the method, I'd love to try making them.

Cheers Sonia

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Hi Sonia,

I'm glad to your comment! Thanks. 

I have added the method for post. Bake pita and make a post about pita.

Cheers Balázs

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Hi Balazs,

Thanks for the recipe I made them tonight following your recipe (took a guess/google at the method and thanks for updating and adding it) they are AMAZING! The only thing I did different was first rise was 1 hour ( it's HOT here) and I cooked them on a hot baking stone and sprayed the top with water. We love lamb gyros and it was by far the best I've cooked thanks too your bread recipe and I'm surprise how quick and easy they are. I made a really nice tazatziki sauce also, the link to the sauce if you are interested




 Thanks again for posting your recipe!