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Almond Galette

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Almond Galette

My sister made this beautiful dessert! Almond galette.

Looks awesome, doesn't it?! 

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Recipe is in current King Arthur Flour catalog and on their website Couldn't be easier, especially using frozen puff pastry. Only change I made was to use whole sheet rather than waste the pastry by trimming it and turning it into a circle. If you mixed up the almond center the night before, it would be perfect to bake in the morning to take to the office. The slashes look pretty bad- I had a design in mind but it didn't translate very well in practice.

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Just gorgeous!  Great deserts should look and taste great too- just like this one.  I appreciate well rounded bakers who like to bake anything that goes in the oven.  You made my day.  Wish I could taste it!! I guess I will have to bake one myself :-)  Possibly 2.

We have so many great bakers on TFL don't we?  And so many budding to be great any time soon too!

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and what else should you do in your spare time, when no breads are needed...

Very appetizing, Diane,