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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Hi, i'm Rob, i'm a chef, i'm really into baking but just scratching the surface at the moment and keen to know a lot more. 

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Now go bake some bread :-)  We will expect you to be an expert baker, with your chef credentials, in no time at all.  Welcome to TFL and its fine baking community.  You couldn't be better connected when it comes to bread.

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Welcome  Rob,

Really great to have you on board, my  fellow Londoner.....well, almost. I live just outside London.

A word of warning, though.  This community is so very nice, it's quite addictive!  Look forward to witness you're going to scratch deeper and deeper into baking!  ;)



p.s.  This is what we UK based TFLers did last Saturday.  Will be 'the next time' hopefully not too distant future because everyone enjoyed so much. Care to join us?

berty's picture

haha thanks,...i'm just outside of london too in sevenoaks...

and believe me ..most chefs dont really care about how to make real bread let alone being able to make any. Its almost an after thought for most of them but for me its the cornerstone of cooking. Real baking is rare in chefs school so please dont expect too much!


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Hello Berty

Welcome to TFL.  If you want to learn about bread baking this is the place!  The forum is kindly provided by Floydm.  There are a lot of experienced home bakers here, and some professionals, so you should soon get "up to speed".  There are quite a few of us UK bakers who can advise on where to get equipment, ingredients etc.

Kind Regards   Ruralidle