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Greetings from Glasgow!

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Greetings from Glasgow!

Hello there everyone,

My name's James and I'm originally from Shetland, but now live and go to Uni in Glasgow. I'm 20, and an avid sourdough maker.

I've joined to pick up some tips and also share anything I've learned in order to help everyone have good bread all the time!

Thought I'd kick things off with today's loaf! 100% white sourdough, rest 4h, prove 12h, then... DISASTER. Dough stuck to my improvised proving basket (come bowl with tea towel in it) and I lost about a third of the dough and most of the air... Salvaged with tighten and prove for 2 more hours on semolina dusted peel. Here are the results:


Cheers guys for any feedback!


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That bread looks great... I love the patterns people acheive with their brotforms and pro0fing baskets, but I worry about loss because of sticking.  Your loaves are beautiful and those holes are to die for!!! 

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Hi James,

Great looking loaf.  If you had a problem with it, you made a great recovery because you can't tell.  Judging from the final product it looks like you coated your tea towel with enough flour and the crumb looks beautiful.  I love the way you scored it!  I've had the occasional sticking problem but it was before I understood about sufficient gluten development - that doesn't look like the case with your loaf.  Can you share a few more details of your recipe?  What was the hydration of your dough? what %-age of prefermented flour?  12 h proof does seem a bit long, too, unless it was refrigerated.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Brad- my recipe is dead simple, 75% hydration and a 2:1 ratio flour to starter (100% hydration white starter). Starter is used 12-24 hours since last feed. And it never fails, really, as long as starter is fed daily.

As for proving times, ordinarily 12h would be quite a long time but here in Glasgow in a cold student flat in winter iI can do it in easy 24 cycles- knead morning, fold when can throughout day, shape and prove night, bake morning! All outwith the fridge - flavour is great!



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Great looking bread there James; crumb looks fab.

I wish a few more of my loaves had problems like yours, as they never look as good as that!