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Sourdough, Mardi Gras, and Danish King Cake

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Sourdough, Mardi Gras, and Danish King Cake

Yesterday was the infamous Mardi Gras, and since my drinking and partying days are (for the most part) over, I decided to celebrate by baking pretty much all day.  My husband's family is from Louisiana, and we both assumed that someone would be having some sort of dinner, so the night before I prepared a laminated brioche to be formed into a danish ring King Cake. I had tried this recipe on a smaller scale a couple weeks ago with good results, despite the fact that some of the recipe was somewhat "lost in translation". Anyways, I was pretty impressed with myself before we even popped the thing in the oven:

A sight to behold in one's home kitchen, I tell you :)

In hind sight I would have rolled the dough a bit thinner and put in more of that delicious cream cheese filling mmmm.  Unfortunately we learned that no one was planning any kind of shindig so now we have the whole thing to ourselves....darn ;)

Yesterday was also my starter's two week birthday (hooray!) and I just couldn't wait anymore, I had to bake with it!  It was quite an adventure what with bulking it out to the brim, right down to makeshift bannetones. I went with this formula: and I can't say how pleased I was with the results. We're already through one loaf and I baked these at 1:00am this morning.  I'd say not bad for my first attempt!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue to enjoy the spoils, peace!


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The cake and the loaf.

And I know, it's hard to be forced to eat it all by yourself. But sometimes one has to make sacrifices.


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Thank you :) Yes I know....such agonizing sacrifices we bakers must make at times. hehe

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Your ring cake looks amazing.  What recipe did you use to make it?  What prize is inside?


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My husband made a little baby to put inside, he had a crown and mask and everything so cute! Haven't found it yet though....and the site with the recipe as well as what I took it to mean is below.

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patricia hains

Yum...can we get the recipe?  Thanks!

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R.Acosta,,232711,00.html  The only thing that was confusing was that he only lists 1/2 pound of butter once in the ingredients, but mentions using a 1/2 pound of butter twice throughout the instructions, so I just put half of the butter (1/4 pound or 2 sticks) in the dough and the other half I rolled in, and that seemed to work fine.  Tasted just like a cheese danish from the bakery!  And instead of his filling I just did 8oz of cream cheese blended with 3 tbsp sugar and one egg yolk, simple but delicious! Good luck!

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that 1/2 pound is two sticks of I guess I followed the recipe right on, ha.

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Well done, those look great!  Love the idea of making a King's Cake out of laminated dough, yum.  And congratulations on your new starter and beautiful loaves of sourdough!