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Hi and Thank You!! Share celebration with me?

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Hi and Thank You!! Share celebration with me?

Hi from Fairfax, VA.  My name's Maya, and up until a week ago I've never even *thought* about baking bread.Then, thanks to this site, I was able to make my first baguettes ever today, by hand, with no bread maker, from scratch - actual picture below - I can't believe it.  I created a combined recipe using Fromartz, Reinhard and others to make a 68% hydration dough using a 100% hydration poolish that I made last night, and I'm totally jazzed at what I got out of my baguettes today.  My beloved actually used the words "fantastic" and "impressed" :D  What more could a girl want?I can't thank you all enough.  I have read so many posts from this site this week.  Without you I never would have found the kneading video, or learned valuable lessons from your experiences that helped me out tremendously!  I would never have known to look up Fromartz or Reinhard.  I would never have known what a preferment was...   Really, thank you so much, every one of you.Will you share my celebration with me? Grateful,Maya 

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Congratulations, they look great. Baking is one of the funnest most realxing things I have ever done and at the same time it has been one of the most frustrating things I have ever done, but I keep trying and I celebrate both my successes and my failures, (its good I have two teenage boys that don't mind eating my failures) Anyway once again Congratulations you did a fantastic job, I raise my glass to you!!! cause yours look better than mine and I've tried making them several times.

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those look really good... I look at baking as a creative expression of my love for my family and friends... as well as a challenge. I have made things that look lovely, like your bread, and things that look kinda scary... it is all a learning process and from the looks of things - you learn very quickly...

Welcome, and Enjoy!


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Thank you for your kind words, Diane and aytab.  I was stunned at how relaxing and fun the process actually was!  Very rewarding - the dough really has a life of its own.  And I realize there's so much room for error (temp, times, etc).  For now I'll just practice this until I feel confident with it.  I don't imagine I'll move to other baking, but this has been such a surprising joy, who knows!   With deep gratitude, Maya

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Making that baguette with no prior baking experience is simply tremendous.  Nice work,


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I have been baking bread, withe the help of TFL for 3-4 years now and haven't yet managed to make baguettes as beautiful as your's!  And you, only at it a week!  You must be a natural!  Congratulations on your success!

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What a beautiful first loaf!

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They say you can always tell how good a bread maker is by their baguettes. You have arrived at TFL just in time to be an accomplished bread baker for sure.  First time loaf a baguette?  No fear, pride or ego there.  We will expect great things from you in the future :-)

Welcome indeed!