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Amaranth Grains in Bread

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Amaranth Grains in Bread

Can Amaranth Grain (Bob's Red Mill Organic whole-grain) be included in a multi-grain bread without special handling or should it be cooked or pre-soaked?  The Amaranth was a gift and I have a lot of it--being stored under refrigeration.  Is the texture/flavor pleasing?  

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unless you are in a REAL hurry to get bread on the table. Small seeds, such as amaranth, millet, nigella, quinoa, sesame, poppy-seed, etc, can be incorporated very easily into a bread dough with no problems, but I'm assuming that you will use a fairly long 'bulk fermentation' time—overnight, at least—with the seeds in the dough.

Check out:



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Frequent Flyer

...I once put them on top of a loaf and they baked out incredibly hard.  Inside, they are fine.



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Thanks Adam and Frequent Flyer for your responses.  I enjoyed the video, copied the recipe, and will not put seeds on outside of my dough before baking.  Appreciate the help.