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Instant Versus Noninstant Nonfat Dried Milk?

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Instant Versus Noninstant Nonfat Dried Milk?

I've been using instant nonfat dried milk on occasion in bread since the seventies.  I keep coming across recipes that state the milk has to be non-instant.  Why?  Certainly my milk-included breads have all be delicious and successful.  Ignorance is bliss?

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Noninstant milk powder has approx twice the dairy than instant powder. But if you're happy with your baking results, don't worry about it. When I had a bakery I bought 50# bags of noninstant milk powder which was a very cheap way of adding milk. The product had to be mixed with other dry ingredients before adding to the dough/batter. After I sold my shop and no longeer needed 50# I used instant milk powder and achieved the same results.