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cost of flour

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cost of flour

How much do you pay for flour where you are? can you buy in quantity? can you get organically grown and processed flour? do you buy locally?

Here is what is available near me in Galveston, Texas. 

King Arthur Brad flour at $4.59 for 5 lb.=0.981/lb

Gold Medal Better for Bread at about $3.79 for 5lb.=$0.758

And below is the only organic I have found :

War Eagle organic (my favorite) at $11.50 for 5lb=$2.30 or $2.03 for 25lb.

I buy from them in 50 pound lots which  gets me free freight, . BUT, would love to know if anyone has found a better price for organic, unbleached, unbromated flour.

Will be interesting to see what prices are in differnt locations. Philip G.

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I find those prices reasonable. I happen to mill my grain, and I sell it at Farmer's Markets (fresh milled onsite) at $1.25/lb. My wheat is not organic, but from local & responsible farming.

It seems anything cheaper would not match your requirements.


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I know someone who makes her bread from the cheapest flour she can find ("cheap 'n cheerful") ie supermarket plainflour at about  50p for 1.5 kilo. That's in the UK.

I've tried it and it was ok but not for the purists.




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Thanks for the input. I ordered 50 lb of flour from Dakota-Prairie Milling this morning. I am not so much a purist as a hobbyist. And this is my main hobby so why not use the best? Even with the freight the flour I ordered comes to only about 50 cents a pound more that King Arthur. PG

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I love Golden Organics in Wheatridge, CO!  They sell 25# for $17.25 and 50# for $25.50.  I usually buy all my grains from them and mill my own, but if I want bread flour, this can't be beat.



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I will try them afterthe bag of Dakota Prairie gets used up. I took a quick look at the site but didn't see anything about shipping rates. Thanks for the tip! PG

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Some of the Costco stores in California carry Central Milling' Organic flour - it's priced at $11.99 for two 10 pound bags. I've been using it for five years and have enjoyed the flours consistency. 


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I have heard lots of good things about Central Milling. Unfortunately there are no Costco anywhere near to me. We really are at the end of the road. Interstate 45 Start 3 miles from my house.