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White Bread (Cornflour/Corn meal flour Bread)

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White Bread (Cornflour/Corn meal flour Bread)


My name is Balázs. My favorite hobby are breads. I red The Fresh Loaf often and it did you like to bread baking. I love the smell of freshly baked bread, the dough touch, and of yeast wild.

In my first post I would like to show my favorite bread, my favorite loaf.

UPDATE! I wrote in my post Cornflour, but I found in dicitonary Corn meal flour. I guess the cornflour is in British area.



Compontents of the poolish
100 grams of bread flour
0.5 teaspoon of yeast, sugar and salt
100 grams of warm water



Components of the dough
280 grams of flour
40 grams of cornflour
1 teaspoon of yeast, sugar and salt
100 grams of poolish
1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
0.25 teaspoon of vinegar (20%)
220 grams of warm water




Often I knead it in the evening and after first rest and shape put it into fridge for a night and I bake it under cover in the morning.




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Balazs, there are no pictures in your post.  I have never used cornflour in bread, but it sounds good.

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Hiye there,

I put some pictures to post. I like cornflour, taste and smell. My other favorite is potato flakes but it will be an other post. :)


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it looks beautiful! The crust looks perfect, too.

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It opened so evenly and the crust looks so good.   Nice to see you posting.   -Varda

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That crust looks wonderful!

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I have never used corn flour as an addition to white bread, have to try that.  Yes, I also love the taste of potatoes in my bread, goes especially well with semolina flour.



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what is 'corn flour' comparable to in the US?  Regular cornmeal is firly corse, would polenta or fine cornmeal be similiar?  Or is it a real 'flour'.  Cornstarch?



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Hiya Joan,

Corn flour is a finely ground corn. Not cornstarch.

My brothers lives in UK. He sad the cornflour = cornstarch and finely ground corn = corn meal flour in British area. OK. I am now a little bit confused, but which I am sure of is that I used to my bread finely ground corn.

I don't know what is polenta.