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Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada

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Hello from Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello!  Started bread making a few years ago as we live in a very small town and "store bought" bread was the only option.  Learned how to make bread from scratch, also buns and cinnamon buns. Was a long process to create the recipes that were just right.  Now make over 20 kinds of bread, 4 or so kinds of buns,  and 6 kinds of cinnamon buns (told they are the best around.  Now I actually bake for others.


Thanks for the contact info...looking forward to this site!



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I used to live in Regina, Saskatchewan and the cold weather drove me dowm to the South. I never miss the cold cold winter in Saskatchewan. The air is so clean up in Saskatchewan it almost hurt your lungs when you breathe.

I missed my farmer friends in Saskatchewan. I wished I can get hold some of the grains in Saskatchewan.

Welcone to the site, enjoy and make friends.