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A True Black "Black Rye" bread recipe

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A True Black "Black Rye" bread recipe

I was describing to a friend of mine who is just new to bread baking, my food experience with true black bread.  I have looked in numerous places for a recipe for the black version of the bread I have found over the years in some stores but no luck. I can find various versions of the brown or dark brown, German, Russian, Polish etc etc. Would anyone have knowledge or a recipe for this type of actual black bread. My thanx for your time and help! thebes2010


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"Inside the Jewish Bakery" has a fabulous recipe for black bread. If you can get norm to post it, or just buy the book.

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search box in the upper left corner - type in Black Bread and you will see many postings.  Its a complex process; Hammelman's bread book (and others) also discuss this advanced technique.