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Hello from the UK

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Hello from the UK

Hi Folks.

Steve here.  A recent recruit to the world of baking as a result of a TV series called 'The Great British Bake-off'.  Anyway it got both me and the Better Half hooked - me on bread, she on cakes and cookies.

I my usual fashion, I've dived straight in and have been making home-make sourdough with reasonable results.  I do need to crack the ability to knock-out a quick and simple white loaf for toast and sandwiches, but tbh, the more challenging stuff like sourdough, ciabatta and focaccia hold far more interest.

Things I've definately found out so far:

TAKE YOUR TIME - decent bread, especially using a starter, just isn't something you can rush.

WETTER IS BETTER - all other things being equal, a wet dough is less likely to produce a disappointing loaf that an over-dry, tight one.  It may stick to everything in slight, but as long as it rising well, it'll probably come out OK.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and looking forward to getting involved in the discussion. 

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Hello  Steve

Welcome to TFL.  There are lots of experienced bakers here who will happily try to help and give advice if you are having problems but so many things are already covered on the forum that the search bar at the top left should become your "new best friend".  I also live in the UK and there are quite a lot of us British residents around the forum, so there are plenty of sources of advice on flours, equipment and ingredients that are available in the UK (for example, we have no equivalent to All Purpose - AP - flour that so many of our American and Canadian friends refer to).  We had our first get-together for UK forum users on Saturday 18th Feb 2012 and hopefully, we will be having other events and get-togethers in the future, so keep an eye on TFL. 

Happy Baking