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Michigan, Fessin'-up !

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cook book hoarder

Michigan, Fessin'-up !

A warm hello to everyone at "The Fresh Loaf" !  I will admit that I've stalked you for a number of years using my best cloak and dagger stance, gleaning the information you worked so hard to produce. My resistance to registration did not come from fear, but from sloth.  Someone should have told me how painless it was going to be ! ( I was not asked my age, credit card number, favorite pet, favorite weight, favorite parent etc, etc..)

I relocated to Michigan several years ago, am semi-retired and have spent  invested my live on the culinary roller coaster. I have gained more usable knowledge from "The Fresh Loaf" than any other resource available to me.  I sincerely thank every member for the input that made learning possible here. I know that sounds like a pretty high gluten comment, but it's accurate ! Looking forward to not feeling guilty about being here, and I hope I will find something to offer in return.



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and enjoy the site. Any questions or ideas please share. Again welcome. Patrick

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Hello from Michigan as well. Glad to see you finally emerged!

Enjoy the TFL!

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I think most everyone lurked around this and several other sites before registering... I know I did... it is a good exchange of information and a great group of helpful bakers... I have not had the feeling of being abandoned to figure things out on my own once... every question I have had has been quickly and helpfully and graciously (the stupid questions LOL) answered.

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Whereabouts in our water wonderland have  you semi-retired to?  

I'm in the "snow belt," albeit not as robust as usual this winter.

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In my wanderings about the virtual bread world a few years back, I found this wicked cool website "".  I hung around the fringes for a bit and then decided to sign up.  The moderators let me know, that I had already up 2 yrs previous and was already a member.  Senior moment in my 50's I guess. 

Mike in Clare