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Large air space

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Large air space

I have been baking bread for a couple of years two problems seem to keep recurring I make the same loaf all the time it is predominantly whole wheat . The first is the interior loaf sort of sags and separates from the top crust leaving an airspace  and also the crust itself is to crisp and flakes on cutting. what would be a solution?

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Mini Oven

Lots of information under over proofing in the site search box.  

The way to prevent that "Baker's room" under the crust is to bake sooner not letting the dough ferment/proof so long.  There are a multitude of ways to slow down fermentation.  (Lowering temp, reducing liquids, reducing yeast, etc.)  All things being equal, whole grain wheat flour doughs ferment faster than white wheat flour doughs.  Once that is taken care of, the crust problem might vanish.  :)