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Hamelman BREAD Challenge - Part Deux

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Hamelman BREAD Challenge - Part Deux

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that we will be starting the second group Challenge of the
BREAD book by Jeff Hamelman @

 This challenge is a "mellow" one, as we are going to be baking three different breads
from the book each month, so it is kind of a relaxing pace.

 The great advantage of being the second group to do this at, is that
all the information gathered by the first group will be available to support us.  For example,
there is a great errata document for the book, lots of pictures of each bread and some of
the techniques used to bake them and the problems (with their solutions) that arised as
the first group happily went throught the book...

 Hope to see you there and to have a great baking experience baking BREAD !!!