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Levain fermentescible

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Levain fermentescible

I've been baking my own bread here in France and I love the variety of flours here, especially when I can buy them directly from the local flour mills. I discovered in the health stores here a product called "levain fermentescible" which appears to be dried sourdough starter you add directly to your bread recipe completely replacing the yeast. You don't need to keep a starter and feed's like having an instant sourdough starter for your breads whenever you need it without the hassle. I've made two loaves this way and they've risen well and with a great sourdough flavor. I've seen it made from various organic flours here: wheat, rye and spelt.

Is anyone familiar with this? I'm told in Britain this is called "yeast fermentable." Does this exist in the States? If so, where can it be found and is it called the same thing?

I'm also curious to try it in pancake recipes so if anyone is familiar with it, what are your experiences?


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I have never heard of this product here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,USA. I have heard of sourdough flavor:

I believe I have also seen a yeast-containing product at a local food coop that specialized in organic products from all over the world and that was touted as an "instant sourdough" but it contained yeast and flavorings, as I recall.

There is nothing wrong with using any of these products.They seem to have reasonable ingredients (nothing you would find in paint remover and all pronounceable). If they work for you, go for it!


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It sounds like it's just a dry sourdough starter, like these products:



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I'm sorry I didn't read the original post carefully before answering. The two products in my first post are not instant.