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Hello from England!

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Hello from England!

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to say a big hello to all,  i am realy enjoying looking throug this site and all the different bread people are making, they are works of art alot of them fantastic even :).  I am only new to bread making over the last month realy.   I create some of my bread by hand and oven :), also i do own a bread maker as well as i like to wake up in the morning or come home from work and have a loaf waiting for me.


But its artisan bread making i am realy interested in and want to excell at.  I am finding it quite tricky, so many variables as to why the bread some times doesn't turn out its crazy...too much of this too little of that not kneading properly/long enoug or too much handling (soda bread).  That may seem a bit of a rant like ;p, but i realy do love baking bread hehe i was up till 12:00 last night trying to perfect my irsh soda bread, to which didn't turn out right but i will put a post up about that to see if i can get some advice.





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One of the really great things here is the sharing of information. Welcome Aboard, Dean.