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Fried Challah

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Fried Challah

I know , I know, I should be taking pictures...and i will soon and share with the board, but today, i made a giant batch of Challah (4000g of flour) and had some left, what did i do, i made doughnuts!  They were awesome....fried in 350 veg oil until golden brown...tossed in cinnamon/sugar....I will tell you, they were so good because the dough was not too sweet contrasted with the cinnamon sugar, which was sweet....usually, donuts, for me, are too sweet....not these, reminiscnet of a beignet, but no spice. (a pinch of cardomom may be a nice addition).

My 4 year old daughter loved them....i think i will be making challah again, but screw the oven, going straight for the deep fryer, going to fill them with all sorts of good things....i highly recommend you try this.

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I'm looking forward to pictures the next time you make them. I avoid deep frying  as I have no hood or fan in my kitchen, but I'm getting one soon so this will be on my list of things to try. It's a longish list, I've been missing being able to fry, but I think this one will happen sooner rather than later.


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You could simply cut them allow to raise, bake (find a baked doughnut recipe for time and temp) and cover with the sugar! Voila doughnuts that aren't quite as greasy goodie good as fried ones, but still tasty!