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Starting from Scratch

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Starting from Scratch

Hello All,

My name is Cat, as a new member to this site it seemed appropriate to write in the "introductions and ideas" forum. I am in need of any help/advice you as community are willing to give, all of which would be greatly appreciated, but first a little more about myself. I am professional athlete and have been playing basketball in Europe and Australia for the past 5 years.  I am currently at a point of transition in my life and would like to begin that transition into baking and pastries.  My only experience comes from working in a bakery from the age of 15-21, and have since dedicated myself to finishing my degree and then professional basketball. 

The idea is to get advice here, and write to bakeries in the Philadelphia area to see if an internship/stage is available, which would allow me to get my feet wet again, learn and gain more experience. I understand my lack of experience is a set back and it can be competitive, an desire I am all to familiar with :), but working hard and starting from scratch is not new to me, an am more than willing. 

Again, any ideas/advice/help on where to start, what avenues to pursue, places to contact, ANYTHING, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your time and help you may give!




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Hi Cat & welcome,

Start baking.......bake, bake, bake, and bake some more.  You can start anywhere your heart leads you.  Books from the library, the "lessons" link at the top of this page, an old recipe you found in a bottle on the beach, anything you like...just start baking.  You do not mention your actual baking experience so I am at a bit of a loss to give you specific direction.  I would go to the best bakeries in the area and look at their goods, see what appeals to you and then learn how to make that.  There are many possible avenues of pursuit but the single most important thing is to begin gaining experience by actually baking.  I hope that I have helped,


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Hi Cat,

This is in Canada but the material there might give you some more ideas where and what to look for in the path you are planning to take. Good luck and bon courage!