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Starter ready, I'm not! help!!!

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Starter ready, I'm not! help!!!

Hi everyone,


I have been lurking on these boards and found so much great advice. We started making sourdough bread about 6 months ago, we've got a really nice hearty starter that we use to make bread about once a week.

I pulled mine out of the fridge yesterday anticipating making bread tonight, but it turns out we can't swing it tonight - so the dilemma is that I've got about 900 grams of starter that will peak at about 8-9 pm tonight (currently 2 pm and we live in Italy) , and I don't want to feed it again as it is already more than enough, I feed at equal ratios of flour/h20/starter.

Can I put the peaked starter in the fridge until tomorrow morning? Will it still work?

I still haven't mastered the management of the amount of sourdough, and it is really hard for me to throw away the extra.

Thanks for any advice!


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yes put it in the fridge!

I've found most of my starters / bulk fermentation / final rise doughs all rise in the fridge, but not too much, so I'd say it was definitely worth trying!

though - apologies - this is probably too late for you, as you are at around 9pm now I think? 

Let us know how it worked out!!

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Hello and thanks,

I consulted a bread baking  book that I have,a nd the internet and found out about retarding the bulk fermentation - so that is what i did....I am ready this morning to make the bread, and have pretty fermented dough out of the fridge - I wait to let it come to room temp or can I form loaves and do the 2nd rise?

Thanks again for any suggestions!

I am a novice bread baker, still trying ot get alot of things right, as I am learning it take alot of trial and error.