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Convenience Store World Champion Bread

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Convenience Store World Champion Bread

It’s strange to be looking at such an unassuming loaf of bread, bought/ordered from our local (Taiwan) 7-11. At approximately $12 USD, it’s one expensive loaf by Taiwanese standards and US standards.

The bread was sent overnight to our local 7-11 for pickup, and was completely frozen when I received it. Covered in a paper bag and completely sealed in a plastic bag seemed excessive, but soon we would find out why. After toasting, the crust seemed so thin that it seemed to shatter when you bite it. I can’t really say whether the crust was originally crispy, but after toasting, it was probably the best crust I’ve tasted.

(The slices in these two images are frozen. I had to store them cut, since all the family wanted to try some)

(Defrosted slice)

The crumb didn’t have large aveoles, but wasn’t dense either . The taste of longan itself was fragrant throughout the loaf, and it’s sweetness perhaps was attributed to the brown sugar. THERE ARE WALNUTS, but really I couldn’t taste them though. Meh.

So finally where does this bread come from?

Po-Chun Wu- 2010 Coup Du Monde

I can't say that 7-11 or Po-Chun Wu's bakery was the one that baked this bread. But I can only hope it was his..

Perfect white toast from 7-11 for the next post....


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I still have slices and photo requests can still be done..