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Hand Crank Grain Mill Lubricants

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Hand Crank Grain Mill Lubricants

As my mother-in-law was cleaning out my wife's grandmother's house my mother-in-law came across an old grain mill that she thought we would like. It is a nice, sturdy, cast iron thing that has clearly seen a lot of use in its day, but everything seems to work okay. :-)

So I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly, but as I was putting it back together it occurred to me that I don't know what lubricant to use.

Any suggestions?

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You can check on for food grade lubricant.  I just use food safe mineral oil, the kind you use for oiling wooden cutting boards....

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Instructions that came with my Corona type mills say food grade mineral oil, but I've found that food grade grease can work a tad better. 

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Lard works very nicely on all cast iron. Not vegetable shortening!

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I contacted my local food service supply and they ordered a tube of food grade grease. I bought a new grease gun, and installed grease fittings in the Diamant. Now just a partial shot of grease from the gun does the trick. I can lube it as it's running.

Note: you probably won't use a full shot of grease either. Bushings can have an open end toward the food side and while it's food safe, I just have to think that it's only sort of food safe. I don't know what's in it or what it's made of so I keep it to a minimum. That keeps the oozing to a minimum also.