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home milled grain

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home milled grain

Hi, I'm a newbie here, as well as to bread baking for the most part, I've been using a bread machine for about 10 years. I have always disliked whole wheat bread for the most part, the store bought stuff has always tasted like cardboard, so I never would eat it. A friend recently told me about fresh whole wheat flour milled at home and how much better it is for you as well as how much better it tastes, I thought I'd give it a try and wow, I can't believe how dogone good it is, I've made about 6 loaves and just love the flavor. I'm using the hard white as I like the milder flavor. I would like to try making  some bread recipes from a Beth Hensperger book by hand, but I wish to use home milled flour but I don't know what would be equivalent to say the all purpose flour called for in the batter bread recipe. I was hoping someone on this forum might be able to point me in the right direction with a recipe if you will, for the correct flour grain combination ie;  1 cup soft white with 2 cups hard white, to achieve an all purpose flour. Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Silverfox,

There are quite a few things to consider before starting to convert a recipe to using fresh milled flour.

Does the recipe have the measurements in weights as well as volume? Using a scale is a much more accurate way to go about baking plus the freshly milled flour will be quite fluffy out of the mill - throws out the volume measurements.

Next the water/liquid content - Fresh milled flour will be quite thirsty compared to a all purpose flour - you will need to increase the hydration otherwise you will end up with a dry bread.

The fresh milled flour will also ferment quicker than AP flour so cooler temperatures or less yeast would also be advisable.

Anyhow that's a few things to consider ... It may be more beneficial looking for formulas/recipes built for wholemeal flours. Have a search using the search function and you should be able to find something suitable. Laurels Kitchen bread book is a great resource for these kinds of breads.



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Thanks Phil, The measurements are by volume, I called The Bread Beckers, since their recipe book consists only of fresh ground flours, they told me the hard white wheat flour would be the substitute for all purpose flour, I will have to try it and see.