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Looking for any help regarding New Technology in bread baking equipment

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Looking for any help regarding New Technology in bread baking equipment

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had any good links or info about new technology in baking equipment, I should also specify this is for plant bakeries. An example is Liquid-fed MDD mixers. I am having a hard time searching for any good info on Google.

Does anyone know any further improvements on telfon coated dividers? Or if there are highly efficient moulders or depanners? Or even any better ovens (for large plant bakeries) than the common tunnel ovens?


Thanks :D

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Obviously you ask a lot of qestions regquiring detailed answers...but:

Most MDD mixers for plant bakeries are fed automatically, with lines in for brine, liquid yeast, liquid improvers and liquid fats.   Flour, milk powder and soya flour are kept as powders..flour for obvious reasons, and the other 2 because they are allergens, so it means automatic storage separation is established for food safety system satisfaction.

Can't help you right now with dividers, moulders.   De-panning equipment may well come with the oven?

As far as I'm aware there is nothing to touch tunnel ovens for plant baking.   In practice they are ideal for continous and wholly-automated process.   Additionally, they have a sequence of burners along the 20+m length of the oven which allow for fantastic process control at all stages of the bake cycle.   They also provide a great combination of conduction and radiated heat, as well as convection unlike smelly rack ovens!

Try these people for more info, although I note you are NZ based, so not sure how helpful these might be:

Best wishes


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To answer some of your questions, 




Hope this helps