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I have some miscellaneous baking and foodie

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I have some miscellaneous baking and foodie

to catch up on. First off I got a new SD starter going using sourdoughlady's technique.  I used minneola juice instead of pineapple since I have citrus in the back yard. Here it is in the middle of the Minneola / Apple Yeast waters teketeke helped me get started .

Here is a photo of 3 of the breads I did the past couple of weeks.  David Snyders' SFSD, Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye inspired by Zola Blue and my non clotched multi grain challah.  I also did a clotched version of the multi and a very nice yeast water Semolina.

A batch of chocolate chip cookies for the wife to take to her conference in Flagstaff and a small batch of 6P jam (pomegranate, prickly pear, plum, pineapple and red pear)

Racked off the latest wine vinegar the mother made.  You might see her on teh bottom?

Picked the last of the tomatoes from last year's spring plants, never had them this late before and saw the first volunteer daisy blooming too.

picked this year's Meyer lemons to make Limonchello Del Uuomo Morone.  Here is a shot of last year's batch.

There is more but I got to go - the Giants just won the Super Bowl.  Way to go.  My bet paid off for once.


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 Horray! My son was happy to see that the Giants won!  I am the one who don't watch foot bowl games... I had no idea what my son talks about it.. LOL   I could understand what you described the game precisely.  Thank you! 

By the way, your mother's wine vinegar is very nice!   You have a lot of good stuff in your yard!  

Happy baking,