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Hi from Michigan

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Hi from Michigan

Hi everyone

Been messing around with baking and want to start some serious artisan baking.  I am currently looking to make healthy bread, low fat, little added sugar, no egg yoke, lots of good protein and above all great crust and texture (is that all??).   I love what I see so far on this site-glad I found it.

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Welcome to TFL. Always good to have another Michigander on board. There is a wealth of information on artisan breads to be found here. Best wishes in your baking adventures.


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Hello from the heart (I suppose) of Michigan - Lansing! Seems there are a few Michiganders on here.

This site is a wealth of knowledge and I am sure if you pay close attention, your loaves will begin to demonstrate what TFL can do for you! :)

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Enjoy the site, there is a wealth of knowledge here. I'm from the Midland area and joined a few months ago. Sourdough!

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Hello, from around which all revolves, Clare, Mi. "Hub of the Universe"  Please poke around a bit and use the search function.

You'll find a wealth of information.



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I'm a new member,  who has been reading TFL for several weeks. Today I saw a question I could answer on the "professional" side, so I registered to do so. It was to no avail as it ended up telling me I didn't have access to the page. In case someone reading this does, I was trying to reply to the person looking for where to buy material for couches for a new bakery at reasonable prices.  If someone would like to relay the information to the original poster: This site has a number of options  in materials, i.e., untreated linen, treated linens and even a synthetic fabric that doesn't require ironing after washing: .

The prices don't look bad and, if outside Europe, you get to subtract the 19.6% tax. I have no idea of shipping charges...



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Welcome to the forum. Originally from Jackson. Lot of great people from Michigan. What is really shocking is that my partner is also from Jackson. Both have been married, divorced, 2 children, been around the world, and meet here in the DC area. Go figure!


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Thanks for the welcome, Dan. I'm not from Michigan, I just accidentally hijacked this thread while trying to figure out how to make my first post.  I'm trying to do some bread baking again (I went through several bread-baking periods in decades past) and this group is being a great source of inspiration and information. I will mostly lurk but will chime in, whenever I have something useful to contribute.